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Advent Sketches – 01

Christmas is here! Well, nearly.

It’s the first of December which means Christmas is just around the corner. It also means everyone gets to open their Advent calendars and eat the sweet chocolate that hides behind the window. While I can’t send you chocolate over the internet I can do a sketch a day for the next 25 days.

So here is the first and it’s Yelena cuddling a small reindeer. Stay tuned for the second one coming tomorrow!

Book Reviews!

As much as I’d like it to my life doesn’t revolve around making comics about dogs. I do other stuff too, like reading, so I thought that since the website redesign has a blog function I may as well use it to post stuff like a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly (or whenever I feel like it) book review. Books being a collective term for whatever novel, comic, trade paperback or manga I may be reading.

So stay tuned for my first book review coming this weekend!