What is Emo Puppy?

Emo Puppy is a web comic that follows the lives of a group of Chihuahuas as they face the various challenges in their little lives.

Who are the main characters?

Chester – Born in a small Welsh town and raised in a slightly bigger town in the north west of England, Chester is the ever hopeful (though eternally dumb) dog of the group. Is currently looking for work (if watching Bargain Hunt counts as looking for work, which it doesn’t).

Preston – Chester’s younger cousin who has had to put up with Chester for the last eighteen years. For some reason, Preston finds himself the object of many a girl’s desire, which would be great if he felt the same about any of them.

Amy – Daughter (well, sort of) to one of the wealthiest dogs in the country, Amy found herself living with Preston and Chester one day, and her life hasn’t quite been the same since.

Donna – Chester’s girlfriend. You really do not want to get on the wrong side of her, or even the right side, unless you like being kicked up the arse.

Yelena – Wheh Yelena turned up on Preston’s doorstep, it was literally “From Russia With Love” (not the film, of course). One sham marriage and a disappearance later, Yelena is back in town and looking for love (much to Preston’s dismay).

When was Emo Puppy created?

Emo Puppy was first established on the 28th June 2006. The first issue, Issue #0, was published online somewhere around that time, followed shortly afterwards by Issue #1 (which was followed by Issue #02 and so on).

Hold on, I can’t find “Issue #0” anywhere. Am I stupid?

Don’t worry, you’re not stupid (at least I don’t think you are). Issue #0 isn’t here. It’s sitting here on my computer, along with the original drawing of Chester and Lester.

Chester and Lester? Surely you mean Chester and Preston?

Not really. Lester was the name originally given to the character of Preston. It was later changed to Preston for some reason (I think it sounded better or something.

The name Lester was later given to the character Lester, father of Chester (and also Amy).

Any plans to adapt Emo Puppy into an animated cartoon series?

Sure, why not?

What software is used to draw Emo Puppy

Firstly I use good old fashioned pencil and paper to sketch the issue. Then it’s scanned into the computer where I use Adobe Illustrator to “ink” it. I then use Photoshop for everything else.

When is Emo Puppy updated?

Usually, I try to upload a new issue every Monday. However this can vary due to certain factors (holidays, work, forgetting to make a new issue and so on).

Who created Emo Puppy

That would be me, Jon H.

How can I contact you, Jon H?

You could try emailing me by Clicking Here or by sending me a message on the Official Emo Puppy Facebook Group.